Thu, Jun 16, 2011 at 2:08 AM

All Of TeamMinaj Please Read

i am happy to say over the last couple of days i have been watching teamminaj....teamminaj has been getting along better than they ever have.i am so proud that my team was able to put aside all the BS and attack other teams instead of each for that i salute teamminaj to the fullest for ur growth in respecting each other.i do not talk to most of teamminaj but those of u that i do talk to seem to be really cool individuals. those of u that i dont talk to hopefully we will get to know each other sometime down the line. any how i just want to let my team know that i am beyond proud of them and im sure nicki is too.....btw when nicki dose not tweet sometimes its cuz she busy like most normal adults she has a job...there is time for every thing and apparently she has not had the time to socialize. in time u will see nicki tweeting and ustreaming again mybe after the tour when she has alot more time on her hands....#smooches #itzbarbiebitch

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