Wed, Dec 14, 2011 at 1:47 PM

DiDi Vs The World

By: Dameisha

Don`t wory about me I`ma be fine life is full of disappointments but i`ma get mine yeah i`ma get mine my life is not no joke man I`m 14 and not once touch dope You don`t understand who i`m really am But some ppl in this world don`t give a danm ppl don`t like it But this is true some ppl in dfax don`t five a fughk about you If you don`t believe it`s like you in a race you your caseworker and the broad trying to take your place you think you get it but don`t understand don`t tell me you love me if you can`t hold my hand if you can`t love me the way i love you then don`t worry about me get your life str8 and do you I preach what I know and teach what is real the things i been through to some it will kill hunger i will fill give my all to any one that wants its me against the world I`ma get mine ain`t talking about hustling hard going to commit to music myself to music and make it come hard rap insane put pain in music sign with young money blow nicki minaj i know i`m the best no stopping on this boulervard.

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