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Thanks for visiting my blogs mutha fucka's!
I recently just got round to joining this.
Today I got my Nicki Minaj Minis from O.P.I they are really good.
My favourite of them all is Pink Friday, it says on the description of Pink Friday polish on the back of the box 'Kick of the weekend with the pop! of bubblegum pink.' obviously
these nail polish's are named after Nicki's previous songs.

The polish's you get in the pack is
Did It On 'Em- which is a lime/yellow/green colour, its amazing.
Fly- which is a light aqua blue this would be great for spring time.
Pink Friday- which is my favorite of them all. Its bubblegum pink!
Metallic 4 Life- which has glitter. Very pretty!

Much thanks until next time kazza xx

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