Mon, May 13, 2013 at 11:30 PM

School Life

Ok this blog has nothing to do with Nicki or anything that she is doing right now and I apologize but I need to vent.. I don't do this often so sorryyy... anyways school is stressing me TF out!!! I shouldn't be complaining cuz at the end of the day, hard work pays off and that is what Nicki teaches us..... My brain is in one of those moments where it is shut down and refuses to work and I'm trying to force it to but it's not working out so well... imma keep on trying tho cuz I have to remember that this benefits me.... without good grades I can't get into university, I can't get a phone, and I can't get to go to a Nicki concert/meet her (which is really important to me)!!! So I gotta keep that allll in mind!! Venting is nice, especially when ur really stressed out!!

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