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Ok so I read A LOT of Onikafaree fanfics cuz they just give me life!! I have one specific fav writer and she is ending almost all of her fics....I'm really sad about it cuz now I'm gonna b stuck with like a lot of the common ones with basically the same story line... I still read those ones tho even tho I already know what will happen in them most of the time.. Except for Trebblebarbie's and ItsMarthaBitch's actually cuz their's are really good too... But anyway I'm really upset that she is ending them.... if u haven't read them already then u need too!! here are the links: ... when u go on this one, the rest of her stories will be at the top as options to go to... I'm telling u that these are amazing! I honestly thought I wasnt gonna like them at first cuz Nicki isn't a famous person in them but that's what made them even more interesting and more hype and I loved it!! :(((((( *sighs*... o well

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