Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 3:00 AM

Nicki & Romney

Okay , Im so tired of people making a big deal about her voting for Mitt Romney. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and I think people should respect her for who she votes for. Are you Nicki Minaj ? Then how tf are you gonna make her change her mind about who tf she wants to vote for ? " She sucks because she voted for Mitt Romney " Get a fucking life . -_- People these damn days .

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    On Sun, Oct 21, 2012 at 5:54 PM, MemeOneandOnly said:

    Excuse me but if politics ain't your cup of tea and you could care less about how much people lives will be affected based upon this presidential election than you should shut the fuck up seriously and yes it is a big deal when any and everybody that is middle class, poor, and more poor have a candidate like Romney who stated from his own mouth that he does not care about the low-income/poor families. That is not good and anybody from the hood or so they call it urban areas could feel what I'm saying so if you have not experienced living on an already tight budget and knowing its a possibility it could get worse than what it is than you need to shut the fuck up and get a mothafuckin reality check because it is that serious. People are out here striving, trying to maintain and you talking about get a life. No, we are living that life on a mothafucking poverty budget and with a president saying he could care less about us that are struggling financially his focus is on the rich and he is a millionaire himself so no he already dont understand us and for Nicki Minaj to be from a third world country and repin the hood that is a slap in the face and it is a big deal. We are talking about the next President of the United States of America so you sound stupid just like Nicki if it is so non nonchalant to you guys like we talking about a new fashion trend. We are talking about politics which involve laws and policies that could make us or break us so you go get a fucking life and know what the fuck you talking about before you start talking chick. Your defending someone regardless if they wrong just cause she a celebrity. See that's what I'm upset about she got stupid ass followers like yourself that could push the election in the wrong direction and you guys could care less just as long as you look good and shit. Fuck you and nicki ya'll hella stupid. Live in ya'll bubble because there are those of us that live in reality.

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