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By: crazyjr88

Of course, just like many nights in my life right now I couldn't sleep. The road to finding yourself let alone finding what makes you happy is a constant stuggle. Just like many people out there. Its been rough for my 24 years of living. Iv'e been through my mother passing away to being homeless. I've been through people taking advanage of me to me making some wrong chocies. But seeing nicki come from her stuggle of being herself to becomeing successful as who she is and who she set herself out to be has been one of my biggest insprations.One of the things I love seing in a artist or even a celebrity is that that inspire and keep it real. My fav interveiw with nicki has to be back in 2008 on My beautiful cousin told me about her and I remeber going on youtube and myspace seeing her video to click clack and warning. Then we got tickets to go to 106&park when weezy was dropping A mille and thats the first time I saw her. I was kind of star stuck then. And I will never forget, people were just taking pictures of her not really knowing who she is. Asking her if she was a actress or singer. Then I rember saying"Imma have send her to her maker which was the chorus to warning and her smiling. She put on her lipgloss which she told everyone to wait cuz she was going to be there all day taking pics, and ask my friend to take a pic with her. My friend said Idk who that is. I said: thats nicki minaj now take the damn picture lolllz. Anywayz. the interveiw came a couple of days after and I have to say my fav interveiw cuz I got it. She had a goal,a vison, and you can tell no matter who what where when, she was gonna make it happen. So when people say. I dont like all her music blahh blahh blahh, I think bout that interveiw and smile cuz she did it. Toast to that.

Now back to me....Thats the thing. I mean I'm finding myself and what makes me happy and setting my goals. I mean I have an idea but i guess I'm just not clear. I just know I love talking and listening and helping others. and making people laugh. Anyway. I just wanted t post something real and what I'm thinking. But I can't wait to get my hand on that MYX drink lolll I think I need one to go to sleep. Anyway.if your reading this god bless. and if its just me. Reggie love yourself and do you. respect yourself and love what you love and don't let no one tell you different. Stand up for what you want. I love you. R.I.P mom I love you . I will make you proud.

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