Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 9:14 PM

Not just another soppy love loss blog.

i dont understand some people some days. Okay here is the back story first, i was out with this boy blah, and then he dumps me literally 10 minutes after kissing me (long kiss) and teling me he loves me and never wants to lose me!!! so yeah he dumped my sorry ass, and well then he was like i want us to stay friends, i was all for that as he was and is my first ever love (i am 16, i know how sad) but blah on all that shit, Friends was what he said, so i said okay and blah blah blah. So now this whole friend thing that he wanted isnt really working out as he is being an igorant CUNT and completely ignoring everything i say to him, i wasnt the one who first asked to be friends, it was him. So now i have decided i am still going to talk to him, because its bitchier than ignoring him as that is obviously what he wants :) Oh and also if i see him (as he keeps avoiding me) i am smashing him right in the face

Love You Bitches


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