Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 1:44 AM

Nicki Minaj's Old Enough Verse :

'' You might can get it
Might can hit it , but i gotta run
&' when you get it , dont be tellin where you get it from
I know you're young but you know i like that young money
&' hurry up the president's about to come for me
See little boy , i can be your little teacher
&' when we ball , den meet me behind the bleachers
You gotta CUM CUM HARD trying to reach her
Cause if we hit it I'ma charge you for the feature
EXCUSE me , i'ma little bit moody
You know them other little girls got the cooties
I mean REALLY , look at all these hooties

'' The bloopers , 'scure the bloopers
You like hooters , look at these hooters
I wanna ride on u , like a scooter
&' get you real smart without a tuter! "

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