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Enemies of Nicki Minaj

Lil Kim: main enemy of Nicki who claimed she stole her style while claiming that Nicki subliminally took shots at her

Keys: rapper from Baltimore who teamed up with the previous to further diss Nicki

Mariah Carey: singer who's in an ongoing American Idol feud with Nicki

Frank Turner: singer who dissed Nicki by calling her a diva and took shots at her

Lady Gaga: singer who secretly dissed Nicki on Twitter for copying the bodysuit she wore at the 2012 VMAs

DJ White Shadow: producer of the previous who dissed Nicki for no apparent reason

Farrah Abraham: "Teen Mom" celebrity who called Nicki an extreme case of bipolar

Chris Jericho: WWE wrestler who called Nicki out for her attitude on American Idol

Tamar Braxton: singer who called Nicki's wigs an atrocity and blasted her for being late on American Idol

Azealia Banks: rapper who stole Nicki's style, dissed Nicki about her look, and engaged in a short feud with her

Iggy Azalea: rapper who claimed "Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded" wasn't dynamic

Steven Tyler: ex American Idol judge who dissed Nicki with his "cornfield" comment

Mena Suvari: actress who mocked Nicki in a dumb parody video

Ray J: friend of rapper Lil Kim who made remarks saying that Nicki stole Kim's style

Kreayshawn: rapper who slick dissed Nicki on her single "Gucci Gucci"

V-Nasty: worst, dumb rapper and friend of the previous who made stupid remarks about Nicki's Barbie style

DMX: rapper who can't stand Nicki and her music

Lil Mama: rapper who was involved in a small and short feud with Nicki after she dissed her for the 2009 VMAs incident because Nicki can and later slammed Nicki for not embracing female rappers

T-Boz: rapper who is not a fan of Nicki and made remarks about her for joining American Idol

Barbara Walters: TV personality who never reached out to Nicki to tell her side of the story between her and Mariah's on stage tension

The Catholic League: they got offended of Nicki's exorcism performance at the 54th Grammy Awards

Laura Saltman: journalist who wrote an article about Nicki saying that she's unprofessional

Billy Bush: journalist who called her rude and indignant

Die Antwoord: South African rap group who mocked Nicki by putting her face on a beast called "the evil thing"

PETA: an anti-animal abuse group who backlashed Nicki for wearing a fur coat

Stevie Nicks: singer who wants to strangle Nicki for dissing Mariah

Example: rapper who said that in ten years, everyone won't remember Nicki

Cher: singer who overreacted after a fan claimed that Nicki "dissed" Cher on her song, "Did It On 'Em"

Marina & The Diamonds: singer who quoted Nicki as "unbearable" in a negative way

Dominique Young Unique: unknown rapper who blasted Nicki by making claims that she copies Lady Gaga & Lil Kim

Crystal Alexis: some irrelevant rapper who likes to diss Nicki 24/7

LIV: another irrelevant rapper who also likes to diss Nicki 24/7

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    On Fri, May 24, 2013 at 12:08 PM, Narciso McClutchin said:

    And yet not one fuck can be given about any of these washed as Neverbeens.

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