Sat, May 25, 2013 at 9:51 PM

Little Morons are dumb and stupid

Lady Gaga's fans, known as Little Morons, are one of the dumbest and shadiest fanbases in the world. There, they go onto celebrity's profile page (mostly Twitter) and make dumb claims that Lady Gaga is #1 and will eventually "slay your faves." The stupidest thing about them is that they even send death threats to stars who alledgely "competes" with Caca, even though most stars don't even try to compete with her. Anyways, here is the complete list of people, in which the dumb loser trannies shaded:

1. Taylor Swift- the morons told her that she should go die in a car accident on her birthday last year

2. Adele- the morons make fun of her weight by calling her "fat" and "obese"

3. Rihanna- the morons compare her to an ape while praising Chris Brown for beating her up

4. Nicki Minaj- the morons blast her for copying Caca's "style" (in which Caca stole from other people)

5. Katy Perry- the morons blast her for copying Caca's "style" while calling Katy as "Kunty Perry"

6. Madonna- the morons' major enemy; they enjoy calling Madonna old and that she should go die

7. Britney Spears- the morons blast her for no apparent reason

8. Justin Bieber- the morons' explanation is self-explanatory

9. Kylie Minogue- the morons wish that she gets cancer for saying that Madonna is better than Lady Flopga

10. Perez Hilton- the morons hope he gets AIDS

11. Michael Musto- the morons blasts him with a series of offensive comments

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    On Sat, May 25, 2013 at 10:25 PM, thug_life said:

    you dum for saying monsters<3

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