Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 4:47 AM

Bad BItch Like Her Are Hard To Come By

By: 2wise4man

While the amazing performance given by miss minaj (pauz) it was expected with such reputation that follows such woman as yourself ") with such extra glamorous outfit it was more classy than what we usually see from such character as herself but it was a pleasant desirable change (licks screen sensually just for minaj) and those alter egos statements (gives money grin ) they are all after the same thing besides fame of-course.And with the second tour of the year expected for a monumental greatness me my self am expecting a concert in (sprint center) in kansas city my city would surely aim for meet greet ..but with yet no tour date announcement calling my name *fantasies about such in-powering woman * ,my final word of this post for today,..congrats bebe you are surely on top as were you are ment to be like a boss.

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