Thu, Jul 19, 2012 at 7:17 PM

You know Nicki got Bass when you got cops coming over for Disturbance


I felt like writing this,

My babe & I were at her house and our car was in the drive-way, it was night time. The neighbors had a little gathering nothing going on just having a good time. So we decided to put Pink Friday Roman Reloaded in the car and blast the bass, no the volume wasn't way too high, it was a moderate level where you could hear it nearby, but the bass we raised it higher than the volume, so you could hear the bass more than the song.

It was going raw and we were outside for a long while, the car was blasting Boston Acoustic + Boston Acoustic AMP with 2 Polk DXI Subs...

Next thing you know we decide to turn it off and go inside... a few minutes after turning the music off from the car, you got 2-3 Police cars arriving... lol. Since we didn't had the music on anymore they thought it was our neighbors. lol

At the end no one got a ticket or anything, cops were kool. But geesh wonder who called them lol.

Probably Nicki Haters.

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