Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 3:37 AM

Dear Nicki...

Dear Nicki,
You insprired me so much, I don't want to be corny or anything by starting like that, but its true, when you said " I came to save the girls, who never thought they could win, because before they could begin, you told them it was the end, but I am here to reverse the curse they live in" In your recent song, I thought, that was so true, because thats what you did to me, ever since I heard Warning, you insprired me to be me, be real, be myself, instead of hiding behind this wall, you tought me I can go against the boys, and win, and not get brought down, cause' when they see my talent they'll just shutup, and every friday, i always scream its pink friday hoe, to everyone, its become a momvement, you are a movment, you are amazing you got this far, and this is just the begining, I love you Nicki thank you for everything you gave me, all the hope, and thankyou for giving me a new way to express myself, to embrace my crazyness, and to include that crazyness in some of my raps, you embraced me to be myself. So from someone who thinks of you as a big sister I love you,
P.S everytime people does wrong by you, even just spelling your name, or saying it wrong, I go off on them! They know never to diss you in front of me, and that They really love you and are just pertending to not cause' they think they shit but they nothing,

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