Fri, Apr 12, 2013 at 6:09 PM


Okay so like its really pissing me off when TM argue over who's the 'biggest barb'. Like no, stop. By you doing this it just makes you sound like a fucking CF. No-one is a bigger or better barb than another, You're all a part of Team Minaj so why cant you just act like a fucking adult and face the fact that noone is better than anyone else. We all love Nicki just as much which is why we are part of such an amazing fanbase and I dont see why ya'll have to argue over it.

Also CF's... I know they are annoying af but just remember, you were them once. At one point you only just listened to Nic and started to fall in love with her, CF's are doing the exact same thing and we should respect that even though they are annoying little fuckers, its just something you have to deal with.

I love all of you TM, I really do.. mwah:* xoxo

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