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5years ago to this date, Nicki Minaj released her mixtape 'Sucka Free'.
This mixtape had the songs
Sunshine, Set It Off, Higher Then A Kite, Grindin, Curious George, Baddest Bitch, Wanna Minaj, Doin It Well, Cuchi Shop, Sweetest Girl, Firm Biz '08, Dead Wrong, Womp Womp,Whos Ya Best MC?, Autobiography and Lollipop (Remix)

In my opinion this was one of the best Mixtapes purely because of her song 'Autobiography'.
Autobiography always was and always will be one of her best songs. It will always be an emotional song because of the way she opens up about everything she went through. She was so brave to tell us all that.

This mixtape was one of the starting points to her career as a female rapper. I am so proud of everything she has achieved since then, and I am so proud and thankful for everything she does for us. No matter what anyone else says, she will ALWAYS be my motivation and inspiration in life. She has helped me get through so much and I really do love her for that.
I have and always will thank Nic for everything she does.


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