Sat, Jul 6, 2013 at 6:45 PM

So basically....

I was in bed earlier just thinking of how much Onika has grown as an artist. To the majority of people, she is known as Nicki.. to me she is known as Onika, and to others she is known as Roman, HB, Barbie etc etc.... Anywhooosss... back to the point... from her growing as an artist, trying to find which path is best for her she has blossomed and done so much more than anyone has ever expected. she has managed to start off her rap career and continue it successfully whilst also along the way building an EMPIRE. By that I mean, clothing lines, mac line, fragrances and much more including featuring in a film.

Even if none of what she has done is relevant to what you want your career to be, it should still inspire you to follow your dream and not to stop at an cost. She has certainly inspired me to continue in the type of career I want to do and I fully appreciate that.

Not only has she inspired me career-wise but she has also kept me going as a person. Yes I may not have suffered as much as other people and I should be grateful for that but at the same time I have struggled through life in many ways that other people may not know. One of the main things I've struggled with is my confidence. ive never been a really loud person but since I joined secondary school my confidence just dropped and even though ive left no, ive never got my confidence back. 5years through school and ngl, I felt like an outsider. I couldn't talk to anyone and even though I did have friends, I could never keep a conversation going and could never talk to anyone for more than a few minutes without shutting up completely. I never invited anyone round as it was awkward and basically shut myself away from everyone. there was a few of the louder people in m school who noticed how quiet I was and would take the piss out of me every now-and-then and tbh I never thought much about it but I guess it was mentally bullying me. Anyhows, Nic stopped me from thinking about that so much, and even though I still keep myself away from everyone, I listen to everything she says and keep it in mind that she may not know me personally, but I know she loves me.

Same goes for my insecurities. I have so many insecurities and am always putting myself down, however even though I don't like anything about me, it makes me feel a little bit sane knowing Onika has insecurities, the Barbz have insecurities, everyone has insecurities. and even though people may not have as many as me, It feels nice knowing that I can sit and listen to Marilyn Monroe, Save Me, Autobiography etc when im feeling down.

Everything about Nicki Minaj cheers me up instantly and it feels amazing knowing the amount of love she has for all of us. Onika Tanya Maraj is the only thing that keeps me going daily and im so glad to have been introduced to an artist such as her. She has helped me through so much and im so proud of how far she has come herself. She is what you call a true inspiration. and if nic reads this; I love you Onika. Never forget that.

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    On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 5:44 PM, pooo4 said:

    cool bbez

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    On Sun, Jul 14, 2013 at 4:39 PM, bankBABE said:

    i know whatchya talking about(: nicki helped me gain my confidence....oh and nice collection of the nicki stuff(jellous)

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