Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 7:15 PM


Congratulations....actually i shouldnt really say congratulations because its a blessing BUT ANYWHOO congratulations to those BLESSED BARBZ & KENZ that got to meet and are going to meet Miss Nicki Minaj..... Im from London so i CANNOT WAIT to meet AND greet Miss Nicki in England like when that day comes im gonna try and keep myself together and not be CRYING OR NEARLY FAINTING OR FAINTED im gna actually try act normal but ANYWHOO for those who have met Miss Nicki you are truly blessed and NEVER FORGET to pass it down a generation like our mothers never forgot to tell us about Whitney Houston and Chaka Khan....pass it to your children, your grand children, if your still alive your GREAT grandchildren and IF NOT right it down, take a picture or do sumthin (Quote from Friday) just keep the memory alive because NICKI MINAJ IS AN INSPIRATION TO THE WORLD....She is truly........................... BLESSED

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