Tue, Mar 29, 2011 at 11:13 AM


Im just following on what PFR had a discussion about and what im actually feeling....I ABSOLUTELY ADORE/WORSHIP/LIVE Miss Nicki Minaj but what im saying is....i wouldnt mind being followed like obviously i would be happy because theres over 3 million barbz and kenz out there and Nicki chose you out of those BUT if i wasnt followed i would still be the same supporter of Nicki. Those who are followed are very blessed and now are one step closer to showing nicki how much love she deserves and are representing so many barbz and kenz out in the world and im so grateful for that
I think when some people get followed by Miss Nicki they get too big headed and think that they are nicki and they are so much better than the "un-followed" barbz and kenz but THEIR NOT....we ALL love nicki with our whole hearts and being followed or unfollowed is not gonna change that (well if your a real barb/ken) and i just appreciate that God has blessed us with Miss Onika Maraj and im so thankful and NO MATTER WHAT im gon' still b supportin Miss Nicki NO MATTER WHAT.!!!!....i love you Miss Nicki Minaj xoxoxoxo

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