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Controversy Involving Miami Dolphins Offensive Linemen Richie Incognito

Ricky Williams might have a reputation for flakiness, but is there any NFL player of the past two generations more qualified to weigh in on the controversy involving Miami Dolphins offensive linemen Richie Incognito and Jonathan Martin? Williams played with Incognito in Miami and shared Martin's need to step away from the NFL lifestyle.
.In a Tuesday morning interview with KGMZ-FM in San Francisco, Williams balked at the idea that Incognito's actions qualify as hazing or bullying in the uniquely demanding culture of professional football.
."How is bullying something that's even mentioned regarding the NFL?" Williams wondered."Because that's kind of what we're taught to do -- at least on the field -- is to bully the guy across from us so we can win the football game.Williams should know.Nine years ago, he came to his own realization that he didn't belong in the NFL.Williams went through many of the same experiences as Martin early in his career, but emphasized that he never took it as a personal attack.
.Every day we talked about Jonathan Martin, and it’s been a while, we feel sorry for him but what he has been through won’t go away by some sort of sympathy.
.But Ricky William doesn’t think this way, he thought maybe Jonathan Martin doesn’t belong to the NFL and he also criticized the whole NFL system, something like we’re taught to bully someone on the field so we can win at last.
.Maybe he was right, but you can’t just blame someone who is not strong enough to handle all the dirty hidden rules.
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