Fri, Oct 21, 2011 at 7:42 PM

Envy (My Rap)

I am S-I-C-K of the E-N-V-Y
Them hoes getting wet till em pussys seem dry
Wannabe girls bite my swag and burn shit
Frying new hoes motherfucker I burnt them
Just when they thought I was leaving
I came back hard made em niggas start bleeding
When they lost faith, I made em believe and
When they made hate, I brought them to see it
Repeat it, I said I brought them to see it
Little mama bite guess she gonna start teething
Rumors she a dyke, and she having trouble breathing
Copy that hair and clothes, with the little red bows
She probably making notes on what’s next to go
She probably teaching hoes on what’s next to show
Who’s her next beau and who’s next to blow!

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