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Stacey Keibler dating Jared Pobre

After the splitting up with the playboy of Hollywood George Clooney, Stacy Keibler has moved cautiously. Stacy Keibler, after quitting it with George Clooney two months ago, is now dating a tech entrepreneur.

People confirmed their relationship on Monday, after Stacy posted a picture of herself with Jared Pobre online. The caption of the photo said “Love being in the city of love!” where the couple was having fun and was holding wine glass, in Paris. The statuesque beauty is five years older than Jared Pobre. However this age difference is considerably less than that between George and Stacey, which was 19 years. Pobre is the CEO of Future Ads, which is an online advertising agency based on digital media platform. The organization was formed in 2001 and currently it makes $50 million per year.

At the “Good Morning America”, where Keibler was present to promote her new show “Supermarket Superstar”, she finally revealed about the breakup with Clooney. The rumors were there about the split for a long time, but they finally gained momentum when the couple spent July Fourth separately. Clooney spent the US holiday in Italy in his Villa d’Este, where he held celebrations for his American guests. Whereas, Keibler spent the holiday in California, of which she even posted pictures online. The reason for the breakup was told to be the different interests of the stars, Keibler wanted to have a family whereas Clooney did not. A source close to the couple told the Sun that the couple always knew that the relationship will never make it to the wedding and there will be no babies, and Stacey wanted kids and a husband.

But Keibler put the rumors to rest on the morning show when she said that all the rumors were groundless. She said, “Everyone that knows me thinks it's the funniest story because that is the last thing on my mind, I think I'm a bit different from most women out there. I'm not really thinking about that right now. We didn't discuss that.” Stacey added that the breakup was quite amicable and was mutually decided.

George Clooney is quite notorious as the Hollywood playboy and is known for dating many women over the years. Between 1987 and 1989, the actor dated Kelly Preston. In 1989, he married Talia Balsam, but the couple got divorced in 1993. That was the only one time Clooney was married. He met Stacey Keibler after splitting up with Elisabetta Canalis.

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