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Listen to your Gut – Eat Chocolate

For many years, researchers have been revealing the nutritional and health benefits of chocolate. They’ve finally come to the conclusion that “gut bacteria” such as lactic acid bacteria and bifid bacterium consume chocolate and then create anti-inflammatory compounds which are good for the health. To phrase it simply, the scientists at the Louisiana State University have concluded that dark chocolate is good for the gut and the heart.

This was determined through an experiment conducted at the Louisiana State University. The experiment consisted of a digestive system like environment through which chocolate was passed. The chocolate safely went through the stomach without being broken down. The enzymes in the stomach were useless for the cause. However, when the cocoa was passed through the fake colon with actual fecal samples, the microbes broke down the large anti-oxidant particles, which could then easily be absorbed into the bloodstream.

The microbes also broke down some fiber in the cocoa which, when passed into the bloodstream induced a feeling of being full. When these anti-oxidants passed into the bloodstream, they proved to have great anti-inflammatory and cardiovascular benefits. This in turn, reduces long-term chances of stroke and other cardiovascular diseases. Now that the experiment has been successful, the effects of chocolate will be retested on an actual digestive system. If such metabolites do exist in the blood and act the same as in the experiment; chocolate will become a certified healthy food. Nutritionists agree that dark chocolate should be included among healthy food. They believe that high doses of cocoa support helper cells. This in turn, increases the immunity of the consumer.

However, at the same time, processed sweet chocolate is not at all considered healthy. Being full of starch and cholesterol, sweet chocolate should preferably be consumed on occasions.

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    On Wed, May 28, 2014 at 3:47 AM, Ciara Vann said:

    I love chocolate, but I eat other things like vegetables. I bet one day, you'll give people this kind of advice and they'll listen to you.

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