Sun, Jun 3, 2012 at 4:20 PM

How long could Nicki Minaj last in the Music Industry. . .

Watching an interview with Timbaland, who actually knows the industry quite well he stated which artists he feels can make it past the 10 year mark. Drake given about 7 years as well as some of the other YMCMB artists but said Nicki is really the only thing hot in rap, hip/hop etc. and feels she will go BEYOND the 10 year mark. "To be honest I think Nicki and possibly Wayne can do it." "After Nicki Minaj's interview with the breakfast club, I no longer see her as just a random rapper, I see her as a woman. You have to be smart to be in this industry and she's got it." Missy also included in another interview that "Nicki makes music fun again." The two possibly three will collab for Missy or Timbalands new albums scheduled to be released this year.

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