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By: Kemburle

Hey its the kimster anyway today was ok now im at the hospital my mom got broncidas and she has asma she has been in here for 3 days now she is doing ok but she is still wezy so she is staying for a bit longer im sitting in the comfy chair next to her and on my laptop and ipod touch. anyway school was good except teachers tripen but hey haters hate oh well anyway, next week on the 22nd is my birthday ill be 17th and i am planing on getting a tattoo and some high tops that have a hidden wedge and have a alligator dinner and i want to get a cover for my laptop and to get a bling ipod touch case well ganna do some e2020 school work well ganna go bye.

well mom got out of the hospital today but the moment she got home bitching me and dad had to clean the dishes me with my fractured ankle had to take laundry down its like your desterbing the peace mom anyway i straighten up my room today i straightened up the apps on my ipod touch and got a plog in for my ipod so i can be up on it at night well ganna go bye for todaa\y

well i am back and happy i got a couple of girls that i made friends with i am in a circle of friendships growing talked to two people on phone things are starting to look up again its been hard without mom but im starting to cheer me and brother up anyway i got stuff to do tonight so im out peace to nicki minaj lovers

hey had kind of a hard day i am ganna go laptop almost dead so yea bye

hello sorry been kinda busy any way i have been doing good keeping up to date on nickis new songs i got to admit its a tie massive attacke and va va voom or the boys anyway i love the way she is in outta my mind i sing along all the time to nicki yur my idel well gtg bye

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