Fri, May 27, 2011 at 11:57 AM

Why do lil Kim fans hate on Nicki so much....

I go on the lil Kim fan page defending the hell out of Nicki, im not letting those grimmy lil fans put her down. I went on that site loving both artist and was verbally attacked, I guess you cant be a kim fan if you like Nicki. Then all of a sudden I found myself not liking Kim, but come to realize I just hate her ignorant fans. I honestly could not imagine female rap without out Nicki at this point, I live for her mixtapes, they are fun and so genious, she is such a smart woman and the lyrics are not oversaturated with sex which is a nice chage, so clever. Love you Nicki, listen to eveytime im in the you should check her full body of work out. tom sirico

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