Wed, Oct 19, 2011 at 8:16 PM

It's Barbie Bitch.

Nicki Minaj is so business saavy. She knows a good marketing idea when she see's one. We all know Kim was first to give us the whole Barbie thing but she did always say Black Barbie. Which really limited her target audience. Barbie is barbie is barbie, the color is irrelevant. Barbie is just symbolic as a beautiful doll. Kim could of took the Barbie stragedy and ran with it but like most things she just let it go by the waste side. Nicki took the Barbie idea, made it her own and ran with it. Now we only associate Barbie with Nic, were her barbz and kenz, I like being a barb, I think most kenz don't mind being Barbie, cause lets face it, Ken just ain't as cool. Same thing Madonna did her whole career, take something you like and make it your own. Madonna didn't create Vogueing but brought it to the fore front, so we do associate it with Madonna unless your a Vogue queen and know it was created at the balls in harlem in the mid-to late 80's. I respect Nicki and like she says When she does it, it's done.Quality. It's Barbie Bitch.

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