Mon, Jun 25, 2012 at 9:36 PM

to nicki minaj!!! :)

heyyy nicki im your biggest fan. i just want to let you know i love your music and i can relate to you and your style.... dont worryy to much about that stupid beef between you and kim. at least we know who got into the music game on real talent....anyways i just want to let you know that i like the alter ego ideas. it gives me a true understanding of who you are as a person. ;) I THINK YOUURRR SOOO COOL!! also i was thinking that the coolest thing you could ever do with your music is put all your alter egos onto one song. (you can call the album: roman's family reunion) its like all your egos being one family making a hit song... i would totally listen to it everyday!!!! ;) it would also be sooo freakin awsome if you were in a movie!!! your one of the most interesting artists i have come across. your not fake, two-faced, or judgemental. your true to yourself and your fans. i appreciate you tons.... keepin it one hundred!!!! lmfao!

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