Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 10:52 PM

Nicki Minaj : A True Female Rolemodel

By: MC99

Well first of all let me start by saying I LOVE YOU NICKI! So, to me Nicki is not only is the best female rapper ever and not only is she beautiful, but she is a role model for all the girls around the world. Everyone knows the verse she raps in her song Fly...

I represent the girls that thought they could never win.
But if you think about that verse and connect it with reality she actually is representing thousands of us girls. Many girls around the world are insecure about themselves and have low self esteem. There once was a period of time when girls had no rights. We had no freedom and we had no respect. But even though those time may seem to be over, still in many places girls are looked down upon and there has always been the stereo type of only boys can rap and only boys can succeed in the r&b/hip-hop industry. Well that's not true. Nicki is showing us that girls can succeed and can rap and can do things that people thought we couldn't do. She shows us we can do anything!!!!

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