Sun, Jul 29, 2012 at 11:10 PM

Minaj's Fearless Fashion

By: MC99

Nicki has an outstandingly impeccable sense of style. She worn a wide a variety of wigs from every color in the rainbow in many different styles and lengths. I personally think she looks best in her blonde wigs with normal length hair and curls. But anyways, when it comes to the way she dresses her self it's something that you can't explain. Each and every outfit looks amazing on her. Now many people have critized her because of the way she dresses, but what i love about her is she dosen't take it personally. She in the end dosen't care she will continue on with her unique ways. I would describe her style as fearless. She is fearless to show up on the red carpet in a plush toy filled dress or wearing a pretzel necklace. That's why i say she has fearless fashion.

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