Sat, Jun 22, 2013 at 5:20 AM

Iggy just is NOT holding her weight.

By: Omg_kevin

Although I never really have cared for her music, Iggy seems/seemed like a cool chick. From what I gathered ya know, Its like she's signed with grand hustle entertainment. Which gives her cool points because I was born & raised in ATL, and on top of that she's ehhhhh ya know a lil cute.....
With all that in mind, I stumble across this interview with her name on the title.
I say to myself (keep in mind. Im just a little bit of a bitch. DONT JUDGE ME FOR BEING HONEST) Let me give this lil girl a chance, ive never seen any of her interviews, I dont quite know how she carriers her self. How she effects the mood of the interview, and most importantly is Iggy professional, does she remember to pay the bills
I watched the video ---
You've probably seen it already, but just click on the link and watch it.
I could point out numerous things about it, but I'd someone else voice there opinion about it first so I dont feel bad.
Right now all I can say is....
*Clears Throat*

The Queen is The Queen for a reason!
The Queen will always reign over that there Rap Game until the day she perish. BaleeDat!
She's got it all. & her sons get what she give em!

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