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Even If Your Team Walks Slow

Bum rib aside, Gio's star continued to rise on Thursday night.He'll slide neatly into the slot vacated by C.J.Spiller in the first round of fantasy drafts next year.Field-level video footage exonerated the Cowboys star of any sideline malfeasance on Sunday.Ideal for rich people: Hire NFL Films to document your life 24/7/365.You will never be framed for anything.An overtime win over the Bengals snapped a four-game Dolphins losing streak and nixed any immediate plans to reconvene the Fire land Committee.
.The Bengals were shaping up as one of January's great curiosity.Hard to see how they overcome the loss of their best player.You know your career has taken a ghastly turn when your coach staff decides you can't compete with Josh Freeman and Christian Ponder for a starting job.
.When the "Around The League Podcast" handed out midseason awards this week, one of our categories was NQMVP.That stands for Not Quite Most Valuable Player, or the player who will finish behind Peyton Manning in MVP voting this season.
.Get it? That's so us.One person that didn't crack our ballot was Tom Brady.This is definitely my favorite moment to reveal who sucked and who did such a great job this week.I totally enjoyed it and I hope you had the same feeling, too.Gio Bernard and Dez Bryant really shined on the field, and so does Jeff Ireland who helped his team the Dolphins beat their rivals the Bengals.But it’s a bad week for those players including Bengals’ Geno Atkins who got injured during the game and Matt Cassel who made himself embarrassed.
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