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Sorry guys I just been reading a lot on Wattpad I don't like feeling kinda guilty at the end of the day because I haven't been posting up any blogs. But I actually ran out of ideas on what to post up because I basically had those 2 weeks where I was juts posting up tips and I did a whole long blog about me but I am gonna most definitely post a blog about more things that I like and just random blogs also. So if you want to know something just comment. I will be posting about Nicki's new perfume later today also and I haven't even got the Pink Friday special edition yet!!! but for Christmas I am gonna ask for her earphones,special edition perfume, new upcoming perfume, and ALOT of stuff from her new clothing line. If you saw that video about the launch of her line then you saw some samples of her clothing line and its not all dresses and skirts so I can get some of the stuff from it. But remember barbz get her stuff if you REALLY want it then try and get it immediately because all of her barbz are very excited for it and it will run out early. But me since I'm in San Antonio, Texas there is absolutey NO K-Mart so I'm gonna have to order my stuff bummer. But I'm gonna ask for the Barbie necklace some of her shirts, stuff from her clothing line, albums, iTunes cards, posters and perfume. Because after this Christmas I will be a FULL OFFICIAL BARB because of all the merch I have of hers ahhh!!! I am gonna be so happy!! but I love you guys I'm gonna start planning out what my next blogs will be like and if you want to stay fully updated with me then follow me on twitter @EliteKaylee I don't get on Instagram a lot but follow me on there too @elite_kaylee. I LOVE YOU BARBZ MUAHHHH!!!,

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