Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 7:27 PM


As you can see on the 'News' section of the site or app. Nicki will be featured in Big Sean's new single M.I.L.F if you don't know what M.I.L.F means then here (Mother I'd Like to Fuck). but anyways she has been doing a lot of features lately probably she wants us to know she's still there and she still has it. She has a lot on her plate also along with Myx, perfume, clothing line, and the movie (which I think she is done with her scenes by now). So it seems as if to me that she doesn't have time to record her own full song but since she wants us barbz and everyone else know like 'im still here I still got it and I'm not going anywhere for much longer' and we get that message. She ALWAYS shout us barbz and Ken barbz out when giving a speech and she love us, and shows it. Like posting much of her news on here which will take a little longer to hit basic gossip sites so we are getting an insight on her and what she is doing before others do. We love her and Nicki loves us always. Da kid sees everything. Let's get it chea!!!! LOVE YOU BARBZZZZZ AND KEN BARBZZZ MUAHHHH!!!!

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