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Barbz I have been getting ready for school so I've been shopping and preparing and since I'm going to a new school I don't have my schedule yet but I will get it August 21 and school starts August 26. I already have some school shoes and I WANT no I NEED some free runs. I don't want roshe runs cuz personally they are ugly that's my opinion. I don't like people that get shoes for the name not cuz they like them but to show off and flaunt them. That pisses me off. But back to the subject. I also have been reading ALOT of books on lately like 1 or 2 each day what a nerd right? but I'm a cool nerd bully type person. Like I'm super smart, laid back & funny, while I still fuck with people. So yea 3 in 1. But I WILL be posting more blogs about school tips and shit! BARBZ ----- do your nails very fucking sexy for the first day of school! You may suck and get it all on your skin put tape on the edges. I'm gonna be getting my eyebrows done and maybe my dead ends trimmed idk I'm scared the stylist will cut WAY TOO much! Comment, add Me barbz and Ken barbz luv yall MUAHHH!! Comment on what your doing or did for the first day of school!

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    On Fri, Aug 16, 2013 at 1:17 AM, Ana_Nicole said:

    yeah, i know how it is first day of school. it's always stressful, especially when it's at a new school. and you begin school in august, god i'm so happy mine starts in october, enjoying my vacation.

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