Sat, Sep 24, 2011 at 9:25 AM


@hashtagMINAJ & myself wearing our 'Barbz For Breast Cancer' shirts. I know they're a bit up there in price, but it's not for self profit. The proceeds are going to Breast Cancer research. & if you don't have that much to give there are many more things you can get for lesser donations. Read the blog. & If you have any questions or concerns after, contact @Tomboi_Barbie &/or @MisszSharii. TeamMinaj is a force to be reckoned with. We're constantly making things happen for the Queen. & she greatly appreciates that. Now lets make moves for those effected by this cancer. Imagine all the lives saved and families unbroken when they find the cure. We're bigger than twitter. TeamMinaj is a movement. The two barbs who put this project together have heart. They're not doing this for shine. Have faith in team mates who prove themselves trustworthy. It's normal to be skeptic. Money might mean more to you than it should, but please over come that fear to be a blessing. They say money can't buy you happiness. Well that saying don't apply here. I'd be one happy mofo if it could give me more time with my Grandma, Mother, Sister, Daughter, Granddaughter, Aunt, Cousin &/or friend. Donate. Much love.

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