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My Favorite Nic Interviews

This is a blog that will host interviews of Nic that I love. Formats will vary in text, audio and video. Probably a mixture between actual content and links. I'll try not to post just anything cause that would be redundant and excessive. And being TM you know it's possible. Don't act like you don't have a Nicki folder with 200+ photos. I'm not ashamed to say I do.. along with another folder that has 200+ videos. O_o Wha!?!? Some things are broken down into parts.. don't judge. lol. Oh.. and I'll try not to be repetitive. Like ones full of the same questions and answers. Or what's already been posted on the Home page/in News. Unless there's something in there that I really love and want to share.

This one is actual content. Why? The links below the interview.. go there. O_o
Nicki Minaj
posted May 07, 2008 12:00:00 AM CDT | 95 comments

A word of advice if you ever meet Nicki Minaj: don’t ask her how she’s doing unless you really want to know. “I’m so tired,” she says today. “I’ve been promoting [my mixtape] Sucka Free so much that I don’t have any time to sleep, I don’t have any time to eat, I don’t have any time to get head, I don’t even have anytime to give head. It’s just work, work, work.” That kind of response isn’t a complete shock coming from a woman who sometimes goes by “Nicki Lewinsky,” but what might be a bit surprising is that her explanation of the name goes deeper than just an affinity for oral sex.

“People are gonna hear that name and be like ‘oh my God, this bitch is a bird’ but check this out; this bitch got in the same room with the President of the United States of America. People don’t look at that on the large scale and just see that she was giving him head. I knew it was gonna get attention and people would have to something to say but you gotta understand, I’m with the president of Young Money, the hottest rapper in the world right now. Monica was able to get at the biggest person in the world and she had him to herself. She could’ve used that to her advantage but she didn’t and that’s a sad story. Nicki Lewinsky is a different story.”

Lil Wayne was tapped to participate in a recent edition of The Come Up DVD series that also featured Nicki Minaj and much like President Clinton, didn’t hesitate to use his influence to get near this woman who intrigued him. In no time at all, Nicki was an official member of Wayne’s Young Money Entertainment and prepping her Sucka Freemixtape which, besides cameos from Jadakiss and Wayne himself, features Nicki flexing her rap muscle to make sure you realize that she’s not just a pretty puppet spitting Wayne’s lyrics. Still, while Nicki stresses that she’s her own woman and more than just a sexy album cover, she definitely has a sense of humor about the whole thing.

“The metaphor does not carry all the way through, but shout-out to the president though.”

Name: Nicki Minaj.

From: Southside Jamaica, Queens.

Influences: Lil Wayne, Lauryn Hill.

Getting Into Music: "[I’ve been rapping for] a couple years, maybe three. I wasn’t really taking it seriously at first; I’ve maybe been taking seriously for like a year. Fendi kept telling me that he was gonna get it poppin, like, 'You’re not even gonna be able to walk down Jamaica Avenue anymore,' and I was like, 'Yeah, right. Nobody’s gonna care about me rapping,' but all of a sudden things started happening off the Come Up DVD and I was like, 'Well maybe I should be taking this seriously then.'”

Before That: "I was singing, I was acting, that sort of thing. I really wanted to be an actress, but I stayed working because I wanted to be fly and support myself. When you act, every time you get an audition you gotta drop everything leave, so I had to put that on the back burner. I’m the next Halle Berry, people just don’t know it yet."

Getting Down With Lil Wayne: "He was on the Come Up DVD Volume 11 and that was the first time the world was about to see Nicki Minaj. I was strategically put right behind Lil Wayne so that he would have to see me. Lo and behold, Wayne did watch the DVD and as he’s watching his thing, he saw mine and was like 'Yeah dawg, I want shawty for my label, dawg; I’m feeling shawty, dog.” [note: Nicki’s Lil Wayne impression is priceless]

Being Compared to Lil Kim and Foxy Brown: "You know it’s funny, I don’t think I sound like Kim or Foxy. I love them, but I don’t know why people keep saying that. I think being from New York, the swag probably has a lot to do with it. They were so strong and when they spoke, people listened; you never felt like they played the back and maybe in a way I draw inspiration from that. I may be a female but I have so much power in my words and my aura. I get that from New York. I don’t even think it’s just Foxy or Kim, New York girls are just more forward and we are cocky."

On Using Sex to Sell: "I don’t think of that as much as I think about being relevant. People don’t like to be fooled, ya know? The sexy thing can only carry you so far and my thing is being lyrical and being focused on my music more than being sexy and having a picture where I’m squatting and licking a lollipop. I know one day that sexiness is gonna fade. That’s why you gotta hear the mixtape. I’m not just saying that because it’s me; I mean, I don’t mean to toot my own horn but 'toot toot,' the shit is crazy."

On Potential Beef With Other Female Rappers: "I don’t worry about getting in beef because I personally feel that there’s no such thing as beefing on wax anymore. People make their own assessment. They’re gonna listen to my CD and any other girl’s CD and they’re gonna battle us whether we have beef or not. The beef thing is really overrated and as black females, we need to do better. It’s about being creative and cocky, yeah, but the beef thing is really unnecessary."

Getting Caught in the Middle of Wayne’s Feud With The Re-Up Gang: "I don’t feel like I have to be a part of it but I do believe in the motto 'guilty by association,' so if Wayne’s got a problem with somebody, you’re not gonna find Nicki Minaj chilin’ with them and being all buddy-buddy. As far as me being part of some beef though, nah, I’m still trying to get my feet wet. I’m not far enough in my career to get involved in some beef or carry that on my shoulders. He’s definitely first in command so whatever he says goes, but I don’t think Wayne even pays attention to the beef as much as the media anyway."

On Women Who Don’t Write Their Lyrics: "My take on writing is that a man doesn’t have more smarts than me and writing is about how intelligent you are. I started out writing essays, short stories and R&B songs so it’s nothing for me to rap. For a female to not write her own raps sends a bad message because it’s not like it takes muscles and physical strength, it takes mental strength. What are you a rapper for if you don’t write raps? I don’t understand it; I think a lot of these bitches really need their card pulled."

Plans For the Album: "I want to work with Polow and Swizz. Those two are high on my list right now. I also want to do the Miseducation of Lauryn Hill type thing. I don’t think people get that vibe from me but if you hear my mixtape, there’s a few joints on there where I really tap into all the issues. I came from a broken home and my family was crazy dysfunctional, plus I came form the Reagan-era where every corner was crack. If I didn’t have a spiritual connection with God, I woulda been in streets going crazy. I talk about those things on my mixtape and I really want to tap into that on the album level."

On Her Message to Young Girls: "Nicki Minaj doesn’t promote being sexy and being stupid. Females have so much power in their pussy that if they would understand it and really, really get it, we would be bosses and presidents and moguls and entrepreneurs but we don’t get that. Don’t go around being stupid and having sex and not get anything out of it. Nicki Minaj is not a nun, Nicki Minaj is not a preacher. You’ve seen the pictures; I’m crazy, but I feel like I can do that and still be a boss because when there’s no more 'lights, camera, action' and it’s time to put on the suit and get the briefcase, I’m good."

Her Advice to Other Young Artists: "Listen to your mother and listen to adults because when you’re young, you think you know everything. I wish I would’ve realized how dumb I was back then because I would’ve really pursued my talent at a young age. I urge young artists to write their own raps. Proof-read the contracts over and over and take it to attorneys. Anything you sign right now, that’s your life. Don’t just jump at a couple hundred thousand because it sounds like a lot of money. Know what you’re worth."

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This is Nic's Hot 97 interview.. I might have DM-ed it to a bunch of you a while back & told y'all to pass it on...... y'all don't listen. lol. O_o

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