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me and amy went swimming yesturday and there was also some boy there<3 who kept starring at us. so i went to swim about and this boy comes over to amy and starts talking to her and asked her out but she should no he said ok so then amy goes aw Courtney will go out with youu though and he kept asking mee like 101 questions like do youu fancy mee do youu want to go out with me and aw that so i said yeah , and he says ok fine. so wee had a swim and aw that and we were talking and after wee had stoped and that wee were still talking and his worker shouts on him and tells him they were 10 minutes so he said ok so we swam about for another we while then his worker shouted on him again and said arron its time to go now so he said ok so he got out then me and amy got out straight after him. but the creepy part is arron was in the locker just infront of amy and i was in the 1 behind his worker but a didnt no , so me and amy said arron and then said a couple of things but his worker must have heard it wrong coz he had then shouted arron wait untill i'm ready arron had said ok then but dont think he listened because he then started walking away and his worker came out and said arron i told you to wait on me untill i'm ready and he said anno. and that was it really so now am going out with him hes such a cutiee love him loadsss<3<3<3 great day it was loveyou's too<3<3<3

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