Thu, May 12, 2011 at 1:37 AM

Enter the new young money member: RAPMAN

Ayo, Barbs. This is RAPMAN! i came here to say that i want to sign to Young Money Entertainment. i'm currently making a debut album called "Invincible (new year beginning part 1)" i want to meet NICKI MINAJ, ROMAN ZOLANSKI, MARTHA ZOLANSKI AND HARAJUKU BARBIE. i want you to tell NICKI MINAJ that RAPMAN wants to sign in to Young Money Entertainment. Also, follow me on twitter so new songs from me will be coming your way. My Twitter username is AewBig (Good luck finding me). i want to sign to Young Money Entertainment Because it's it's a vital important part of my dream. i want to work with NICKI MINAJ really, really, really, really means to me a whole lot more than school! i wished for publicity on my 15th birthday and come hell or high water i will get my wish no matter what! Beleive It! i want her to give me a chance to show them all what i'm made of! now do you think i have high hopes? anyways, shout out to Brittney Spears and Ke$ha. i hope i get to meet you all soon. Peace out and don't forget to write.

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