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bragging or not

I hate when people say they aint braggin then they tell you all they stuff into full bliwn detail ex" I aint bragging or nothing but my mooma got me a car yester and its red, and a four door , and it got a banging radio , man my daddy but them 32 on them but i aint bragging tho.

I mean dont get me wrong i am so happy for whoever gets what they got and i think we should help bring people up but there a big difference from telling me you go a car and leaveing it at that . . . then telling me you got a car and all these details taht most people besides you and few others dont really care about you.. and its more then a car i dont see why people care so much bout material to begin with because material things can ne broken or stolen or they lose value over time. why cant peopple brag about stuff like have good friend who are there for them no matter what or haveing a family member who going though some bad times but thought it all has a good head and preys every night for some thing better , or brag about marriage that goign 50+ years strong idk maybe its me i just wanna hear some good things going on in life

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