Thu, Dec 8, 2011 at 4:58 PM

Random thoughts about nicki

my first thought about nicki since she comeing out with a new album does that mean this site is going to be renamed or is she going to come out with a ne wiste all togther?

also has she become in love with the curly pink short wig i seen her wearing it alot ? if so thats cool its a cute wig i personally love that curly blue cotton candy that she wore a while back ago.

and as for her new ablum again does this mean that she will be having her own tour where she will be the main star? if so that would be the best thing ever that would be super cool. i been to both of the last tour the one with wanye and the one with brintty and she was great in both. but then agian nicki being the main girl again.

and in im so proud of you she said she coming out with perfume ? i wondering how it would be and if it will smell good. I hope she doesnt do a flowery smell because to me that has been done over way to much maybe she can come out with a sweet vs spicy smell kinda like nicki vs roman just throwing it out there.

I cant believe it has been more then a year already since pink friday came out it was really shocking , time really does fly but she been doing huge things since then she going to do a voice over in a movie, O.P.I nail polish , perfume , album , plus feats on other songs.

I wonderhow she has time to do it all and still keep her head on stright , hopeful she has alot of family and friends behide her supporting her

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