Mon, Dec 12, 2011 at 3:56 PM

Friend in my heart

okay so like most of you on this site i cant sya i know nicki persay . yes i know every lyric and i knoe videos and some lil sweird facts most people dont know . but besides see her on the wany and brit tour and taking a pic with her i dont know her at all. but when she raps about things like things she been threw i feel like me and her could have been twins. by tris i mean i mean through alot of thigns in life and so has she we even been through some of the same things. and there are many thign s in life i wanna become but i know it will be hard i wont give up no matter what people tell me and i will trying and i know i will make it . and i know just like nicki when ii hit the top im going to hit it hard .

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