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Atimes dreamin is a gud thing, as it can be bad! Its giving hopes to every single persn who believes in it. I dreamed before to find somme body i could identify some parts of ma personality in n i founded Nicki Minaj , I dreamed abt me doing wat i love the most , n i found ma self being recognised on the road in ma country! Here R&B or Rap ,Hip Hop etc doesnt realy pay as it does abroad cus here we have another music genre. So being recognised out hère cus of rap or R&B Thats realy cool! M'y new dream now is to do what i like An at tha same Time show to tha worldwide That africans also CAN do Good music n to express Wat i think through ma music , i also Want ppl to find their ways through me so all i HOPE is one Day thé worldwide Will listen to me! I dnt wanna be famous n after being judged no, i Want ppl to take africa serious, not to discriminate black n whites, i Want everything equal n i Want to show or make listen And understand ma vision of Life to ppl! Thats ma dream... One Day i'm gon make it!

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