Thu, Nov 18, 2010 at 4:08 AM


Bring it down a notch, will you?, think back to the words i spill to you, black nails, widow spiders, and cheap producers, its all a dream, you can do it, if your dreams on stream... You believe that theres a 2morrow, when you dont do today, what is that?, a tight jeans and a gym card u say?, a playboy soaky, i laugh at your vans, cause its so in fashion, what happend to dc's and a cold reaction?, what happend to dope MC's and i talking about mickey dese, easy e, ice cube, and jarule, yes, the drool, it use to be, where did reality go?, down to a synchroni1d plot?, i love wayne cus his so off top, no lid and was just from da block, nicki lewinski, bought his new set teevee, fine lady and some words, camoflage with singing birds, twirling in your head, cant believe its a plot, yet it feels dandy, id rather be @ the beach and get all sandy, tho i dont care, lifes a whistle, play the right tunes and you should sound like a harp, so sharp, toned out, hard, aggressive, but we all bleed one color at the end, so all this i cant defend, when my first love was justice, what a silly love game this crush is, i bet down and make sure its a must hit, screw u, you know what i mean its my voodoo of playmate silly ignition, live with it and youll master it, the thing that ends up in no disastering.

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