Wed, Feb 1, 2012 at 9:31 AM

my diary for today

By: x5xoNax5x

let me start by telling you how my whole day went from the very moment i opened my eyes to a new day.

im always happy to live another day even though i woke up not feeling to well this morning, iv had this flu for about a day now which is awful and its even hard to care for my daughter's that are also under the weather. tossing and turning all night i still try to make the best of it and look and think on the bright side, doesn't help when my husband is sick as well but i still managed to get thru and pull it off. :/
i get on facebook to kill time and i wait and wait to see if anything worth my time will keep my interested befor i actually log off. other then that i have been listening to "stupid Hoe" thru out the whole day, i have to say the video outstanding and intense, but i love nicki's talent and creativity.
few hours passed and got home from a 2nd trip from the hospital, my oldest daughter had a fever now i have more to be concerned about and keeping track of all the medicine and timing for both of my kids. I get overwelmed so i decide to make a video of my new pierciing i got and thats from a week ago to be exact, but i finished what i wanted out of my spare time and i post on my youtube channel and facebook along with other updates and editing i did on both profiles.
so later my husband and i go to walmart and surprisingly without knowing we end up purchasing a new laptop for me; due to my husband always taking over our desktop now i have my own laptop so that means we are even :)
till know you tubed it for awhile and put my kids to sleep and my inlaws are here for the night and decided to try to blog even though im a newbie to "blogging" this is my first blog ever and im happy be on my account for this web site doing my very first blog, so to end this and before i say goodnight i wana say NICKI MINAJ RULES!! AND COULDN"T LOVE YOU MORE< YOU INSPIRE ME IN SO MANY WAYS WHICH MAKES ME THE PERSON I AM TO THIS VERY SECOND

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