Thu, Apr 12, 2012 at 2:05 AM


By: x5xoNax5x

MY all time favorite people are NICKI MINAJ and TECH N9NE!! i just saw TECH9 on april 10th and i had the vip and i meet him is so chill i love him and i got to see machine gun kelly also along with the rest of the strange music members.. i recently saw a video on tech that he explains the artists working with other artists are what their suppose to do, they suppose to all work with everyone and make new shit and i was so so so ever sooo happy he said " i love nicki minaj " i was like DWAM!!! omg.. i am so excited and hoping they will get to work together on something! its going to be beyond epic!! IMA TECHNICIAN!! AWOO!! AWOO!! so for now on i am going to be posting about T9! i love u mwahh!! and im always team minaj baby!!! chaa!!

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