Sun, Apr 15, 2012 at 10:41 PM

Please Come Back Nicki! :(

Nicki has to deleted her twitter. NICKI WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND YOUR TRUE FANS ARE BEHIND YOU 100%. You've us barbz to be strong, and powerful, and to just be ourselves. No matter what anyone says. And if they don;t like it fuck em. We want you to keep being yourself and FORGET about what jealous ass people have to say. We need you Nicki. We arent complete without you. You always brought life to my twitter feed! whether if you was rambling on about some washed up hoe or talking about new music or anything. Your tweets mean everything to us, it's like you are right here and we could touch you! Pretty pretty please come back! For us true barbz out there, We LOVE YOU HB to the moon and back a million billion trillion miles away!

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