Sat, Aug 31, 2013 at 6:48 PM

my (almost) first rap lyrics

Hey guyz i'm spanish and I've been studying music since I was 7 (now I'm 16). As soon as I began listening to rap music I fell in love with young money and my queen, Nicki. I've composed some love songs but I really never tried to compose rap lyrics but dear barbz, now they're here.
I've written some verses inspired by "Come on a cone" music. Hope u like it nicki and hope u like it barbz:

I'm gonna get your mada-madafuckas out of here
When yo tell me to fuck yo is not a bad idea
If you're shittin' on me, Carmelita's district,
I get your hoes proud of me, I'm gonna get you a biscuit

I'm gonna kill fat bottoms no matter what they're sayin'
I'm killin' big fat niggas, no matter if they're screamin'
I'm taking some bad bitches to help me in my battle
I gotta win this time, I gotta strip my shadow

'Cause it's my time for winning, go to the gym and spinning,
Get a blond hair and warm it, write some bad words and show 'em
These girls are falling for me, I'm falling for young money
I'm gonna show my sword, I'm gon' apply Cash money

I think that it's my time, to make some rap and claps
I gotta get with drake, i gotta get with Mack
I gotta get with wayne, I gotta get with NICKI
I gotta get with tyga, bitches are gonna see me! .

Get this lyrics on come on a cone music and it'll be amazing. Thanks for those bitches who hate me because I could've never written it without dem.
Love u barbz !

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