Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 10:48 PM

Me, myself.

Hello barbz, i just want you to know why i adore my queen rapper, Nicki Minaj.
I'm a boy but i don't like nicki for boobs or ass. Actually i'm in live with my girlfriend and i don't have eyes for any girl... i just love her because of her attitude, because of her words, because of her past...
She really fuckin care about her fans, because when someone thought of ending life, she told "suicide is never the answer" .
Because when barbies are annoyed by all those criticisms she told "barbz let them talk, we did it".
She taught me that i had to reach my dreams, my objectives, and thanks to her, today i am who i am and today i'm getting over the persons who hate me and touching the sky...
I just want you to know that y'all have to love YOURSELF , you all have to know that she's there or even if you have problems you can tell me because i'm such a social person. I'll help you in whatever you say because i love helping people...
Barbz, BE HAPPY.

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