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First off let me just say I am more than blessed to have Onika following me on twitter and knowing that I exist! Being noticed by her TWENTY FIVE + times is just.... I'm lost of words.... It's A-M-A-Z-I-N-G ! Only 2K ppl in this world can say that Nicki Minaj is following them and to be apart of that number>>>>>>♥8.1.12♥ was a day I'd never forget! My M4L!!! Not only am I blessed to have Onika following me, I am more than blessed to have SB, Terrence, Joyce, Parker, Brinx, Oscar, AND I CAN NOT FORGET MY GODMOTHER Jackée Harry, following me! So who is Nicki Minaj? The world know her as "The Queen of HipHop", SuperBass superstar, American Idol judge, but to us barbz She's a MOGUL!!! Onika is MORE than just a "queen". She's our idol, some one we look up to. She's like family to us. Onika took us in as her own. She treats us MORE than just fans, unlike any other celebrity, Onika does A LOT for us! She's like a mother. She encourages us to stay in school, get a good education, graduate, and go off to college. She pushes us in everything we do! Onika taught us to "Work hard and Laugh later", meaning set all jokes aside and stay focused on our goals. You know there's always a time to laugh and play, but after that it's time to get back on track, work, and STAY focus. Onika's love for us is out of this world, FAR as the moon, BIGGER than the sun! And boy, our love.... Our love is just unconditional. There's sometimes where we think that Onika does not know how much we love her, we are OBSESSED with this woman!!! We can just kiss her, hug her, and eat her #PAUZ and the way we stand up for her when people choose to come at her is just CRAZY.... Like I said before team Minaj goes HARD!!! So now we sit pretty with our QUEEN as she sits on her throne looking down at all her success! Here lets take a look:
Onika released her first mixtape Playtime Is Over in 2007 with Dirty Money Records. Her second mixtape, Sucka Free, was released on April 12, 2008 under the label Be. She won the Female Artist of the Year award at the 2008 Underground Music Awards shortly after. On April 18, 2009, She released her third mixtape Beam Me Up Scotty under the label of Trapaholics Records; She also appeared in XXL magazine during this time.
Her debut studio album Pink Friday (2010) peaked atop the U.S. Billboard 200 and was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America the month after its release. Its most successful single "Super Bass" has been certified quadruple-platinum and has sold more than four million copies, becoming one of the best-selling singles in the United States. She became the first female solo artist to have seven singles on the Billboard Hot 100 at the same time. Her second album Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded (2012) topped charts internationally; it became one of the best-selling albums of that year and sold one million copies worldwide. Its lead single "Starships" became her highest-peaking single on the Billboard Hot 100 and one of the best-selling singles of 2012. She embarked on the Pink Friday Tour and the Pink Friday: Reloaded Tour and reissued the album as Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded :The Re-Up. As of 2013, Nicki has sold over 5 million albums worldwide. We received good news on via twitter on 6/27/13 that Roman Reloaded received a GOLD PLAQUE and the song was never released, 26MILLION in single sales, and 2 LP's!!!! * adds that to the 60MILLLION feautures sale* *counts fingers* 86MILLION single copies sold? *catches the harajuku holy ghost* HEY HEY HEY God is GOOD, All the time!!! LOL sorry for the spazz attack I just had, but like I am so proud lf her!!! Nic also featured as a voice actress in Ice Age: Continental Drift and is making her acting debut in the film The Other Woman. She has endorsed Adidas, MAC Cosmetics, and Pepsi. Minaj's work has earned has earned her seven BET Awards, four American Music Awards, two MTV Music Awards, an EMA, five Billboard Music Awards and Billboard's 2011 Rising Star. She is the first female artist included on MTV's Annual Hottest MC List, with The New York Times suggesting that some consider her "the most influential female rapper of all time." The Source named Minaj the Woman of the Year for 2012. In April 2013, Nicki became the most-charted female rapper in the history of the Billboard Hot 100, with over forty-four appearances!!! Nicki is NOT a rapper Nicki is a BRANDER!!! Of course she's a rapper, that's just a line from sweet dreams SILLY WABBITS!!:) TEHE, but yeah she's a brander, OPI, MAC, PINK FRIDAY FRAGRANCE, MYX, THE NICKI MINAJ COLLECTION, BEATS PRO, BEATS PINK PILL!!
And again I say your FAV could NEVUH!!! Y'all seen any other female rapper doing this because I must of missed it!?!? So yeah like I said before, the barbz and I our sitting pretty with the queen looking back at all her success sipping a bottle of Myx (and yes us underage barbz too, shhh lol) I truly am proud of Onika, she really has come far.
Thank you Nicki for allowing us to be apart of this amazing journey, so happy we could experience everything with u! Thanks for the vlogs, thanks for the videos, thanks for your MUSIC!! THANKS for everything you have done for us, and to know we`re the reason why you get out of bed everyday is just AMAZING!!! We appreciate everything you have done to keep the female rap category alive!!! Thanks for allowing us to be ourselves! U taught us to be our OWN INDIVIDUALS!! U are a GREAT role model in our eyes. We really appreciate EVERYTHING that u do, and the fact that u do it for us is just so.... It blows my mind! To be so close to you. The bond we have with you no one and I mean NO ONE can break that! So when you close the curtains (retire) OF COURSE WE CAN STILL BE FRIENDS!! Lol yes I remember that tweet gorl!!:) When I say I'm NEVER leaving your side, Nicki baby girl I really do MEAN WHAT I SAY!!!:)
And like u said: @NICKIMINAJ: Barbz, keep dem mufuckin eyes on dat mufuckin prize. let em hate from the side lines...its expected #PrettyGang!!!
YAS let em hate barbz, we did it again.... THANK YOU for allowing us to be apart of your amazing journey
~With love, Morgan
PS. I've decided I'd add a 58 your babies in this as well, theres so MANY of us so I decided to pick a few. they wanted to show a lil love in this blog as well. @Barbies0111 said: I don't only see you ass my Queen, my bad bitch, my idol, but I also see you as a "normal person", you came in to my life, and changed everything! From the way to see things, to motivate me to reach higher, to even value my self in ways other people can't. Isn't it just amazing how someone just comes in to your life and changes it? I love you Onika. (P.S. I saw you for the first time this summer, in NY, when you was on set. I was with TMNY, and Pierre screamed to you and said "she came all the way from St.Thomas Virgin Islands" lol and you looked at me like I was crazy because I came all this way just to see you ^.^ <3). @HotPinkBarbieNM said: I love you Onika, like i don't think you understand how much we love, adore, and appreciate you.
S/O to @prettygangxSHAY, @GabrielleMonae, @NicsTriniBarbie, @ReyDevD, @illiyzolanski, @HotPinkBarbieNM, @barbies0111, @BarbieMinajesty, @SierraPinkk, @LetDisBeALesson, @BarbQueenMinaj, @plantaindealer, @cheedieZolanski, @nnnnaana, @silly_GermTM, @BarbzMe_, @Miss_Maraj_, @minajalicious, @JULZIIMARAJ, @PlaytimeeisOver, @iHuggedOnika, @BriannaMaraj, @PinkPrintHoe, @Verifiedbarb, @BuhByeBewBew, @nicki14minaj, @KensReloaded, @_gapc, @Onika_Reloaded, @NickisBewbs, @RedROMANRose, @tweetingonika, @LiddoLadyBugg, @Gvngsta @oddandTwistedd, @SlimRoman, @obsessedRoman, @Koryee_Minaj, @planetminajXO, @CollageMinaj, @OnikaIsQueen, @_JustinZ0lanski, @Barbz_Universe, @official_Barb, @OvOTootieTMUS, @MiniBarbb, @DUTTYGYAAL, @HERNANDEZ_JOJO, @I_SupportOnika, @MarajTyler, @SSFilice, @calebfisher98, @KendollMaraj, @TeamMinajCeeCee, @AfreakanBarb, @CaliforniaBarb, @RudeGalRoman, @ThePinkPrint!!!! S/O to all of you as well for supporting the queen and being Right By Her Side through her tough and hard times, through thick and thin, we have been there! And if u don't see ur @ name s/o to u too, there's so MANY us couldn't put everybody in this because then we will have Onika reading FUH DAYZ hunty! And besides we're all in this together!!:) Onika I love you, WE as a team LOVE you. I don't think u heard me, *yells* WE LOVE U ONIKA!! NEVUH forget that EVUH!! Have a blessed day Nic=)

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    On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 4:25 PM, MississippiMinaj said:

    OMG that's so cool that she saw it:D

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    On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 5:37 AM, BarbieDollMorgan said:

    BARBZ!!! Onika saw it!!!:) EEEEEEEEEEEEEEK akcjdfhandakdhabdfjkhnksdk YAAAAAAAAAAS!!!!! SHE BADGED ME!!!!:)

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    On Thu, Jul 4, 2013 at 1:53 AM, Jamon_Zolanski said:

    I really like this, she truly is an inspiration to many of us and that's something no one can take away!

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    On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 10:01 PM, Barbies-doll said:

    That was so sweet,aww I feel like were apart of something very special.

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    On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 8:51 PM, Rodia Minaj said:

    yass.. this post :$$$ i hope nic sees this

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    On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 7:44 PM, ACminaj95 said:

    YES!!!!! I am in love this with post! :) Soooooo incredibly written and very emotional! Thank you Morgan <33

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    On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 7:11 PM, BARB USA said:

    Omg I love it

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    On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 7:08 PM, Barbette said:

    Shoutout to all those barbz!!! Love yalll <3 my twitter fam :)

  10. Barbette avatar

    On Wed, Jul 3, 2013 at 7:08 PM, Barbette said:

    Shoutout to all those barbz!!! Love yalll <3 my twitter fam :)

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